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Dr. Brenda on a valid question!

A great question was asked of me about the liability statements with regards to supplements and it was such a valid responsible question I thought I'd blog about it via our very own consulting doctor.

Dr. Brenda Sides is a graduate of the University of Washington, an OB GYN and ***itionally earned her Naturopathic Medicine Degree from Bastyr University. Bastyr University is a natural health arts and sciences university located in Kenmore, Washington and San Diego, California. It offers degrees in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, nutrition, herbal sciences, ayurvedic sciences, exercise science, psychology, midwifery and other programs.

The Question: Why does the packaging say that this product should not used if you are under 18 years of age?
I don't think there are any over the counter nutritional products like it saying it's safe for kids because testing is on *****s 18 or older so if they don't have the studies it's not approved as safe. Of course kids multivitamins, etc are approved for kids and can be marketed as such.

Also, it's a similar concept in that everything nutritional you can buy says not to take if pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician. It's a way of diverting liability if someone had a problem so the company would be less likely to get sued.
Hope that makes sense.

Dr. Brenda

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Strength & Conditioning:

I've gotten out to some of the games and its been really rewarding to see the players ****nstrate their strength and *****. Running form is vastly improved for most of our athletes! You should have a plan with your player on how to maintain thru the spring and summer before we return in the Fall. Don't lose everything by being lazy! Just playing isn't enough and the player needs to understand that he is responsible for his conditioning! As always I'm here to help if you need some ideas or ***istance at no cost. Everyone should have a maintenance plan and every player needs to continue to eat, hydrate, and supplement right.

I have our RIPS FAST drills in electronic format for any of the coaches, parents or players should they want to have those for there warm ups or maintenance program. Mom and Dad... sneak away in the house and try them out!?

Stay Strong,

Coach Dan

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Baseball Power help!

Use of a foam roll to AVOID losing power in your ***** and throw! - Thanks Doc!
Thoracic Mobility

Now that we have started to build a solid foundation through the core, another extremely important factor with baseball players is thoracic (mid/upper back) mobility. Most people are limited with extension and rotation in one direction more than the other. Whether you’re an athlete or not, thoracic mobility is a big issue with most people because it is so natural for us to slouch forward. The unfortunate thing is that most of our younger generation spends so much of their time studying (so we hope!) or… playing video games. For *****s it’s the desk jobs that are so prevalent. This is important because our current lifestyles predispose us to injuries, so we need to start unwinding what builds up through each day. If the thoracic spine isn’t functioning with optimum mobility in extension and rotation something else is going to have to pick up the slack – likely the shoulders and/or neck because they rest on the thoracic cage. Not only will you lose power through your ***** and throw because of having a reduced distance to create ****, but more importantly, you will be increasing your risk for shoulder injuries or mid-upper back and neck pain. The ***essment and mobility drill for thoracic rotation and extension are one and the same. Although there are a host of mobility drills for the thoracic spine and a few more tests to really isolate what tissues are the limiting factors, for simplicity we’ll let the test also be the correction in this case. This will start you off in the right direction. Parents as you can see this isn’t just a risk for your athletes, so if you are starting to get that ache through the upper back and neck jump in and do these with your athlete!

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